"Lahore by Metro is the LAHORE, I have never seen before, young, energetic and in a hurry. Faizan’s pictures of people on their way to work, going back home, napping, or just galavanting are fascinating. Also probably the best way to turn your daily commute into a work of art.”

—MOHAMMED HANIF, author of A Case of Exploding Mangoes and Our Lady of Alice Bhatti

“Faizan Ahmad’s photographs are a good way to take people who do not travel in a visual and unique travel. He brings them in another world, and his deep inside window on the Lahore metro makes you feel immediately with people inside.”

—REZA DEGHATI, Author, Photojournalist and Explorer at National Geographic Society

“In Lahore by Metro, Faizan has beautifully depicted the life colours and cultural diversity of Lahore. Being a great listener, makes him an amazing storyteller. It is an uncommon book treasuring the stories of common people. Faizan’s Lahore By Metro is a mirror and live theatre to the hustle and bustle of Lahore that always teem with life. Just read and enjoy.”

—ZIAUDDIN YOUSAFZAI, Education Activist, Co-founder of Malala Fund

"Lahore by Metro captures both the beauty and monotony of everyday routine. Its pictures transport us, providing glimpses into the world of day-to-day commutes, the after-school antics of children and the comfort derived from the company of fellow travellers. Faizan Ahmad’s photos are flashes of the daily rhythms of Lahore – of what it means to live, and live in, the city. "

—Ammara Maqsood, Social Anthropologist, Author of The New Pakistani Middle Class

“Lahore by Metro is a really nice body of work into a culture I was unfamiliar with. Faizan captured the spirit of the people and the places so well.”

—CHRIS OZER, Photographer and Director based in Brooklyn, NY

"Inspiring. Real. Surreal. Poetical. Beautiful. Artistic. Shaking with energy. Whispering hope. Really well done. "

Ciler Ilhan, Turkish short story writer, Author of Chamber of Dream Merchants and Exile

“The story of today’s Lahore through its new bus line is a wonderful idea and wonderful book. There is more of Pakistan here, with its heartbreak, hope and joy, than a hundred other books. Although the line has imperilled much of Lahore’s heritage, it has, with Ahmad’s help, brought so much of the city’s human beauty to light.”

—ISAMBARD WILKINSON, author of Travels in a Dervish Cloak